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Aggressive Dog Training and Socialization
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In addition anyone that hits their dog to "discipline" it is asking for the dog to retaliate one day. Can't your parents just lock the dog away when the kids visit?

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Surely it doesn't require the death of the dog - such a small dog is easy to separate away from the rest of the house with baby gates etc. I rescued 2 female English mastiff puppies from a backyard breeder who kept them outdoors in a shed. The parents were on site and seemed appropriately socialized. I chose the 2 sisters who didn't seem shy or overly excited, as far as puppies go. They were raised with my older male rescued bull mastiff who has an outstanding temperment. These three were exposed to my toddler grandchildren, lawn mowers and friends and family coming and going.

Now my 2 girls are able to walk over our chain link fence and will try to bite strangers. I am at my wits end. It is an issue purposely avoided by the all-positive crowd because attempting to fix it properly would mean admitting that punishment is valid and effective. This would shatter too many fragile souls that somehow prefer not to live in the real world. My puppy who is 6 months had a bad experience with a child who "barked" at her. Now she often barks at young children, but only when the whole family is there. How should I deal with this?

Research leash reactivity. There are many different ways to deal with it. Most people start with this one My dog works best with a combination of this approach and distracting her with an offer of a treat in my non-leash hand but she's a foodie. Hi Allison, I recommend a consultation with a qualified trainer to give you some tips on how to manage or change this behavior.

It is impossible to give you good advice without seeing your pup's behavior, I'm afraid. For immediate help, I recommend that you visit our website and plug in your zip code or city to see if there is a VSPDT local to you. If there isn't, there is always the option of doing a phone consultation with one of them. Best, The Team at Positively.

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Aggression, Socialization, and Other Big Words

Aly and Victoria discuss how you can make your dog feel more comfortable during the holidays. Whether your dog is shy of people or Aly shares Tags: aggression , behavior problems , dog aggressive towards humans , dog bite , human aggression. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fear Aggression. Leash Aggression. Territorial Aggression. Resource Guarding.

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Predatory Behavior. Positively Dog Training Episode Aly and Victoria discuss how you can make your dog feel more comfortable during the holidays. More from Victoria. When he can do both during our training sessions, then with his leash on in the house, ask him to lie down and stay in a specific spot in the house. A dog bed by the sofa in the living room or next to your desk chair in your home office will work.

Gradually increase the time you ask him to stay in that spot until he can relax there without immediately bouncing back up. Then, begin asking him to stay in his spot with some small distractions in the house the kids are laughing and playing in the same room and then more distractions perhaps someone is eating.

Keep his training fun and reward him liberally as he works with you but at the same time, help him do it right. This is important. When his body is well-exercised and tired, even a territorial dog will be more apt to take a nap. A long game of fetch, a good jog with you, a run alongside the bicycle, or a swim will all work. Obedience training is important and must be a part of helping a territorial dog, but keeping his mind busy in other ways is also important.

Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to challenge his brain.

How To Train Your Dog To STOP SNAPPING at People (Stop Aggressive/Reactive Behavior)

Trick training is training, just like obedience training, but dogs and owners are more apt to have fun with it. Teaching your dog a canine sport, such as agility, flyball, or scenting games, is also fun and a great challenge. More advanced obedience skills, such as hand signals, are also good for challenging his learning abilities. If your dog has some favorite spots where he waits for trespassers he can bark and rage against, make some changes so that his behavior is no longer possible.

The main leash should be held in the right hand at all times. If the main leash breaks, your dog will still be under control. Take as much time training the dog in a confined area as is necessary. I am a fan of hand signals and expect all dogs I work with to respond to both oral and visual cues; dogs should learn all basic commands like sit, down, stay, and come.

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It is also a good idea to spend some time teaching the aggressive dog a safety word before he is ever walked outside of a confined area. There are no guarantees when working with dogs, but if trained properly this word will give you the best chance of calling your dog when he is in an aggressive mode. A safety word is a special command that you can use when calling your dog.

When the dog hears this word and sees the hand command, he knows that he needs to come close to me and place his muzzle against my hand. I give the treat every single time, but only at that time. If your dog responds to treats, the best way to teach a safety word is to say the command, give the hand signal, and give a treat every single time you call the dog with his safety word. The first safety word that I am aware of was used when training seeing eye dogs for the blind. Even if the person could not see the dog when called, the touch allowed them to know exactly where the dog was at.

Using the safety word with an aggressive dog is different. This is the type of muzzle I use when working with an aggressive dog. It allows him to breathe normally during training, and after the dog has calmed down will even allow him to take treats for a more positive training experience. When the aggressive dog is in his enclosed yard and going through his regular obedience training, start using the safety word.

Collars and Muzzles

Is your dog running your life? You can't go anywhere or take them anywhere because their behavior is out of control and embarrassing. You have found the right. This lack of training often leads to aggressive behavior in dogs . You must ease your dog into new social situations a little bit at a time.

Every time you use the word, give him a special treat—do not give a treat erratically, like you would with most other commands. Practice the safety word several times during the session, but always with the dog on a leash. The dog should never learn that it is okay to ignore this command.

How to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

When you take the dog out for his first socialization session, use the safety word even when you do not need it. This is so that both of you will remember to use it. All dogs, especially aggressive animals, need to be taught all basic obedience commands. As part of your obedience training, a safety word should be taught so that it is available in times of emergency.

Even though it is not enough, training your aggressive dog to reply to safety word should be an important part of his total obedience training. If you obedience train your dog but are still not able to control him, please seek professional assistance. If he ends up biting a person or attacking another dog, he may end up being killed by your local judge.

Prevent that by teaching him a safety word. All dogs should be taught to obey hand signals. Make sure that hand signals are part of the normal routine when working with your aggressive dog.

Help Your Dog Get Over Its Fearing Strangers

It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. There are several things you can try. The first would be to put your dog in a sit-down position everytime someone approaches. I realize you cannot do this if you're walking in a busy area.

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May 26, pm. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. Where do I start? You need to fulfill the dog as Nature intended the dog to be fulfilled. I have a dog who was abused and abandoned, a former hunting dog. Code Kochan.

The second is to practice avoidance, but again this may not be possible where you are walking. You can also have people you know walk towards you and toss the dog a very good treat so that he sees strangers coming towards you as less threatening.

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This takes a lot of time, and you need to have a lot of friends that the dog does not know, but you have the best chance of him getting over this with this technique. If you want to do more reading on these training methods, I have an article at https: No matter what you do, your dog might get away from you someday, and if he bites someone, the authorities will take him away and may even decide to kill him.

To avoid problems always walk him with a muzzle. Keep him in a good harness so that he cannot take off on his own.