Meeting St. Luke Today: Understanding the Man, His Mission, and His Message

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Opportunities are everywhere. Needed are eyes to see the pitiable plight, ears to hear the silent pleadings of a broken heart. Faith is a principle of power.

9. The Gospel of Luke

Jesus Christ can do all things for those who exercise faith in Him. Carmack, a member of the Seventy, explained:. Faith taps into divine sources and is a manifestation of unity and partnership with the Lord. Even the ideas and words formulated by faith come by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and the power to accomplish the words formed by faith comes from God. The Roman centurion held no priesthood, but through faith he asked the Lord to heal his servant.

He added that he was not worthy to have Jesus come to his home, although he was a man whose authority others obeyed. Jesus marveled at his faith. What blessings are available through faith and the power of the priesthood to those whose spirits are in need of healing?

follow link Ask them to look carefully for those who are in need and then to render service and compassion and exercise faith in their behalf. Write the following proverb on the board: Failing to plan is like planning to fail.

Meeting St. Luke Today: Understanding the Man, His Mission, and His Message

Ask students:. How can writing plans or goals help us accomplish things in our lives? Ask students to write one sentence that describes their mission or goal in life, and invite them to share what they wrote. What blessings are given to those who come unto Christ? How might you help your family come unto the Savior? Invite students to read the following three accounts: Luke —10 ; —48 ; and —42, 49—56, looking for the answers to the following questions:.

What evidence is there that the people in these verses had great faith in the Savior? Conclude by contrasting these stories with the account of the legion of devils.

Explain that while Jesus would have us come unto Him, Satan seeks to destroy us or take us away from Jesus. Have students read Luke — He must come first. Tell the students: Imagine you are at the funeral of the recently deceased prophet and President of the Church.

Tell students that it is important for us to remember that Jesus is the leader of His Church. Those who are called to serve in the Church should never take glory or honor away from Jesus Christ. The Savior set the example by showing us how to give appropriate glory and honor. Invite students to read Luke — Tell them that this account refers to the time when John was imprisoned see Matthew Ask some of the following questions:.

From these verses, what seems to be the reason John wanted them to go to Jesus? How do you feel about John, knowing that he wanted his followers to become disciples of Jesus Christ?

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Tell students that the Savior praised John and testified of his mission in Luke — Ask students to read those verses and look for what else impresses them about John. Point out that in spite of the greatness of John and Jesus, many of the people still rejected them. In like manner you are only playing at religion. Discuss with students what debt is, and then ask some of the following questions:. What do many people go into debt for?

Answers might include houses, school, cars. How would you feel if the person to whom you were most indebted released you from that debt? How would your feelings be different if the person released you from a large debt instead of a small one?

Invite students to read Romans , and ask:. Your obligation is transferred to the Lord. He will settle your accounts. Read Luke —50 with your students and discuss the following questions as you read:. What debts were owed by the people in the parable? What do you think made these two people treat Jesus so differently?

What blessing did the woman gain because she recognized her dependence on the Savior?

Luke 9 – The Kingdom of God is Preached and Displayed

Read the following statements or give copies to students as a handout. Discuss them as a class. Our faith in him as Savior and Redeemer engenders in us godly sorrow for our transgressions, a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and a sense of personal accountability. McConkie, commenting on the woman in Luke —50 , wrote:. Here is a woman who once was a sinner but now is clean. Jesus is not going to forgive her sins—he has already done so; it happened when she believed and was baptized in his name; it happened when she repented with full purpose of heart and pledged her life and every breath she thereafter drew to the Cause of Righteousness.

We are dealing with a convert who has come to pour out, in the spirit of thanksgiving and rejoicing, the gratitude of her soul to him who has freed her, freed her in times past, from the chains of bondage and hell. Testify that the process of repentance makes us feel an appreciation and love for Jesus. Note: Make sure students do not conclude that it would be profitable to sin so that they could come to love the Savior more see Romans —2. Students must understand the importance of developing a love for Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments and avoiding sin.

Encourage students to avoid sin but to have confidence that we can be completely forgiven when we do sin if we repent. Luke 8—9 contains stories you may have taught in Matthew and Mark. Arrange desks or chairs in a large circle or row. At each seat, tape a thought-provoking question with a scripture reference from Luke 8—9 that helps answer it. Number the questions, and give each student a piece of paper with corresponding numbers and enough space to write answers to each question.

Create questions that are challenging enough to require students to use reason, but clearly identify the reference where the answer can be found so students do not spend too much time looking. Use questions such as these:. Read Luke —3. What does the seed represent in the parable of the sower?

What are some ways that you could plant that seed in your life? Read Luke — According to these verses, what emotions did the disciples feel that probably disappointed the Savior? Give students one minute to answer the question that is taped to the seat where they are sitting. Then give a signal for all students to move to the next seat and spend a minute on the question there. Continue until the students have had a chance to respond to all the questions.

1 Peter was written primarily for the benefit of Christians who were suffering from

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Then correct their answers as a class, taking the time to explain those questions and answers that are most important to your students or those that they may have found most challenging. Have students think of the most important assignment or job they have ever had, and then ask them some of the following questions:.

Read Luke —5 and ask:. Do you think Jesus was interested in how well they fulfilled their assignment? Ask students to read Luke and look for what the Apostles did when they finished their assignment.