Anya and the Dream Keepers

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I know it works.

Anya and the Dream Keepers

I simply get quiet, tune into the levels of tension in my body and zoom in on an area that feels restricted or tight. I then do some purposeful fidgets that bring movement to that part of my body, take a few deep breaths and envision what it would feel like to let go of the tightness.

I cannot live without breathing. The breath is our most reliable access to vastness — the kind of esoteric enlightenment that people look for in temples, churches, ashrams, mosques and the Holy Land. The breath brings me back into my body.

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It sanctifies everything — the ultimate example of all things sacred. We get 20, times a day to be in touch with this supreme magic! Style is everything. Style has to do with preferences and to know our favorites requires self-reflection, curiosity and play. The best style comes from inner confidence, vitality and resilience— true beauty radiates from compassion, humility and, umm, yes — the art of alignment.

When it comes to fashion, I am admittedly out of the loop with the hottest trends. I am pretty consistent and somewhat eclectic. I love sweat pants, clogs and red lipstick! I swoon over neutral tones, soft fabrics, earthy textures and splashes of color. And my husband found a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in the back of a taxi that make me feel like Jackie O.

I love Studio Anya! I have a serious sweet tooth. They have amazing cupcakes, cookies and pastries.

I also adore Breads Bakery for their chocolate rugelach. Luckily, I also love greens! Any place that chops my salad is a keeper. And Lyfe Kitchen has a delicious banana kale smoothie and some really innovate cocktails with lots of aromatic herbs! I walk a lot. I continually practice alignment techniques through out my day that focus on activating my core, grounding my feet and making overall adjustments in my posture and position to optimize breath awareness and increase circulation.

I like to window shop in the West Village but most of my name brands come from discount stores. I actively seek examples of magic and beauty everywhere I go. I am a collector. My imagination is a storehouse for all of these wondrous images. Nature, architecture and people inspire me.


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Anya and the Dream Keepers - Kindle edition by Matthew Lang. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Anya is an eleven year old girl growing up in Edwardian England. to save the birthplace of Earth's fairy tales and legends, the land of the dream keepers, a lan .

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