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Bill Gibron. Forbidden Zone: In Color. Originally released in black and white, Mystic Nights of the Oingo Boingo member Richard Elfman Danny's brother hoped to capture the spirit of his band's unusual live show with this surreal fantasy film. The one thing he couldn't achieve was color -- until now.

Thanks to a painstaking technological tweak by Legend Films, Elfman's original vision for this nutty trip into racial slurs, sexual innuendos, Kipper Kid craziness, and outmoded musical styles becomes the motion picture equivalent of a rainbow acid trip. While slightly dated and occasionally dopey, this is avant-garde outsider cinema at its head scratching best. Forbidden Zone. Spaced: The Complete Series. While some would like to think their genius arrived, fully formed, with those two films, the guys actually gained most of their farcical footing taking on the standard UK TV jive.

Books by Charles Carreon (Author of The enflucacda.ga Chronicles)

Along with writing help from co-star Jessica Hynes, this slacker romance has remained one of the highlights of their pre-superstardom. Droll, unassuming, and very, very funny, this is the reason England regularly trounces America in the broadcast humor department. Few DVDs speak truth to power with such compelling evidence and with such an unassuming angle. Kevin Booth investigates drugs in America after several legal and illegal drug-related tragedies negatively impact his life. In doing so he brings together a plethora of evidence that illustrates just how entangled in treacherous, ironic lies the U.

One of the few drug documentaries to overtly explore racism, American Drug War covers a head-spinning amount of information and leaves the viewer to draw her own conclusions. Sarah Hentges. Todd Haynes has balls. He took on the most difficult of subjects the life and shapeshifting times of songwriter extraordinaire Bob Dylan and found a way to be both factual and fanciful. Reimagining the artistic chameleon as one of six distinct personas, and hiring an equal number of actors to play them, Haynes helped put into perspective an important, influential artist whose vocation seemed stuck in a constant state of flux.

Now, thanks to DVD, everything confusing is clear as crystal.

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On a commentary track that should be mandatory listening for any would-be bonus feature participant, the director goes into excruciating detail, explaining almost every facet of his fascinating film. I'm Not There.

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A Legend In His Own Mind -- Michael Ruppert Soldiers On - Kindle edition by Charles Carreon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil Michael C. Ruppert The military depends upon economic power that is now slipping through the supported the legend of bin Laden while others desperately tried to distance It is my belief that Mike Vreeland — among his other duties — was a part of that.

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song. In a category that is growing in greatness exponentially, the stunning documentary Pete Seeger: The Power of Song superbly immortalizes an already living legend. But thanks to director Jim Brown, Seeger is allowed his proper place in history. One cannot walk away from this spellbinding narrative and not feel both proud to live in a country that offers such talents and freedoms and sad for the government policies and blinkered politicians who twisted those tenets into something sordid and evil.

Sometimes, the most outrageous vision is the most personal. As part of the amazing three disc DVD presentation we hear director Guillermo Del Toro, in his own self-deprecating way, explain how the larger than life flights of fancy peppered throughout the underappreciated Summer blockbuster represents an literal illustration of his own fertile imagination. Purposefully plotting out certain scenes to thematically represent his view of mankind and its uneasy coexistence with forces outside of reality, Del Toro delivers the kind of wide-eyed entertainment that will only grow in approval in the coming years.

The Wire: The Complete Series. The Wire is a narratively complex oasis in a sea of television that begins and ends week to week. Not even content to weave its massive webs of drug-fueled deception per season, it continues its story through all five seasons.

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Facebook boss admits site has been 'too slow' handing information to police that could help get justice for The death of the High Street: Girl, eight, grins with glee as she picks out a whoopee cushion while shopping with her Thousands of British women are dying too young because they 'try to drink, eat and smoke like men', with Meghan's Grenfell cookery book launch was another royal coup for her mother Doria — but it laid Meghan's mother Doria meets Grenfell survivors with her daughter and Prince Harry as Still feeling a bit peckish, Harry?

Cheeky Prince is caught sneaking samosas behind his back as he supports He really is a smooth operator! Celebration lunch for Meghan's first royal project boasts trendy candles, Doria outshines the Duchess! Meghan hails her new home city's diversity in a heartfelt speech at A leader in the making!

A sweat-drenched nightmare for too-trusting PM: The Salzburg showdown was May vs a phalanx of identikit So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! Female shooter, 26, who killed three and injured four others then turned the gun on herself after Oxford graduate, 27, becomes youngest ever author to be shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize as four of the Beyonce accused of 'extreme witchcraft' and 'dark magic' by female drummer seeking restraining order NHS target to treat patients within 18 weeks of seeing their GP 'will never be met again and should be Hotels get it wrong, chefs disagree on the best recipe and now you can even buy them in a BAG: Kendall Jenner dazzles in two graphic-print 80s mini-dresses as she joins glamorous sisters Bella and Gigi He wrote "the United States government not only had complete foreknowledge of the attacks of September 11, it also needed them and deliberately facilitated them, and even helped plan and execute them using techniques long understood in the world of covert operations.

Government perpetrated Pearl Harbor II? Literally, quite a charge. Among the latter was Mohammed Atta, who apparently received his training while wanted for terrorist activities. Wall Street is the CIA. One hand washes the other. He detailed the revolving door between the two entities , e. It addresses a question that has always bothered me: There were clearly many possible hijackings underway. No one knew the exact number.

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No one knew which were real. As noted, it is difficult to be definitive when a syndrome is involved.

Joe Rogan Experience #170 - Michael Ruppert

At best we have a preponderance of evidence, not absolute certainty. When, for example, post-polio syndrome is suspected, doctors order test after test, perform exam after exam I speak from experience , and in the end You and you alone, must decide for yourself what was proved and what was not. As in a criminal trial, it is a solemn responsibility Ruppert believed we had only two avenues. I will add a third option.

Michael Ruppert: in memorium, 2014

It was something Michael Ruppert wrestled with. In fact, the Sudanese government offered to take bin Laden into custody and was rebuffed. One is compelled to ask whether this is collective, contagious, and continuing stupidity or more evidence of desired outcomes being realized. For those who cry preposterous , please revisit our oligarch appreciation class. Simply put, it is the hopelessly-confounded amalgam of incompetence and corruption. Our summary of incomcruption in The Source of Terrorism: The trick is to recognize that realism and competence are not equivalent -- unlike incompetence and corruption.

With each passing day, the latter are transforming themselves from fraternal into identical twins. What you are about to read cannot be read anywhere else in America. Publishers and literary agents from coast to coast -- including phony "rebel" Catcher in The Rye and On The Road guys -- censored it. The Second American Revolution, , changed the polity into an oligarchy with democratic residues, accessories. The real quest is to find the right balance between growth and a planet with finite resources.

Grow up or die. In the face of collapse, much of what is advocated is purely practical Ruppert cites two very different examples of what can happen when oil disappears, namely North Korea and Cuba. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, both nations were thrown upon their own resources, almost overnight. These very different scenarios provide an extremely useful primer in how survival can happen, or not, in the face of sudden and irrevocable change.

9/11 conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist Michael Ruppert commits suicide

Says Mr. You will fail as a rugged individualist, you will survive as a member of a tribe or a family. Whether it's the notion of people coming together in the face of calamity or the fact that uncountable numbers of human beings will suffer and die as the world grinds to a halt is unclear. Personally I think it is the former. Calling for a revolution in human thinking, what Ruppert also seems to desire is a return to human community. A stripping away of Wal-mart world and plastic vampire television culture. Real living encompasses fear and love and joy. I have to admit at that point in the film, I thought "Right on, brother.

While there is a great deal of stuff I would not miss about contemporary culture, there is much that I would miss. Like Richard Rodriguez memorializing about the death of newspapers, there are many things that would be deeply mourned on a personal level. We are trapped by our own emotions, and our inability to surpass how we feel about things.

But in the face of real honest to goodness genuine collapse, there may not be any time for waxing rhapsodic about the good old days and grand institutions that once were, no time for sentiment in the face of survival. Or as, Mr.

Ruppert so eloquently puts it, "Climb down off the cross asshole, we need the lumber. Collapse is playing at the Vancity Theatre on Nov. When subscribing to a newsletter edition you'll also get early notice on Tyee events, news, promotions, partner messages and special initiatives. Further to the provision of the Personal Information Protection Act, personal information is kept confidential by TheTyee. Measures have been enacted to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it from misuse, loss or alteration.

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No, hands off my golf! Why not both? Turn some to homes and keep the rest.

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