A Ghost of a Chance [Ghost Trilogy, Book One]

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It describes an unspeakable plot to control the destiny of mankind and Jennifer finds herself an unwitting cog in the nightmare. And now she must seek out help from the only man who can stop it. If you like fun, fast-paced mysteries with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of humor, then this is the book for you.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited. Read it now! Kindle A Courtship to Remember by Bridget Barton: Elizabeth Ramsbury is only interested in pursuing her independence and her musical talent. Unfortunately, the entrapment of matrimony looms over her head like a bad omen. After her father forces her hand, she sees no other choice but to take the only honorable route and find a suitable match to marry.

To graduate, she has to survive first.

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But how can she when the kings of the school want her dead? She has no powers. But something funny happened on the way to the rehearsal dinner… Owen got a glimpse of the real Emmy. The one she barely shows to strangers.

Now he wants to show the cynical wedding planner the magic of love. After an unsolicited suitor begins stalking her, Brianna must face up to her secret childhood crush on Tyler and decide if she can accept him as her bodyguard. Prepare to smile, sigh, and laugh out loud at these fun and flirty tales. A Valkyrie oath broken.

A Ghost of a Chance: (Book One of The Ghost Trilogy)

Can Soleil flee a mortal enemy and restore her reputation? Facing retribution from all sides, she must endure an impossible supernatural battle or die trying…. All three books are available now!

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Whether you prefer romantic erotica, light erotica, or really hardcore stories you will surely be satisfied as this collection is a mix of the best of the best across many different erotica genres. Witt: In the five years since Michael finally left his abusive ex-partner, Josh and his husband Ian have helped him leave that horrific past behind him. Can Josh and Ian help Michael reclaim his sexuality? Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? Compelled to poke at an imperial cover up, Raike finds himself caught in the center of the chaos, targeted from all sides, where his presence now endangers an old ally he has been trying to avoid at all costs.

Arliss: Mae Burridge is snatched during a fun day out in Austin with friends and sold into a human trafficking ring. How she escapes a dying, polluted Earth, becomes an independently rich young woman, finds friendship, an alien lover, and a purpose that helps her heal is an epic story of determination about the turns of fate that change her life.

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Three others have beaten him to the local village: two scholars and a seductress. With werewolves on their scent, a cursed monastery, and mutual mistrust, only one will claim the Book of Souls. But at what cost? And no closure.

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Insights from the Otherworld shed light on a cold case. And femme-fatale Cait demands payback! Kindle Scenes by Christian Celind: In a Utopian future, hundreds of years from now, a cast of adolescents are the stars of the show. Are their lives interconnected somehow?

Kindle World Whisperer by Rachel Devenish Ford: A fourteen-year-old girl desperate to save her brother from sacrifice. A land she has never dreamed existed. When Isika sets out from the oppressive Worker village to find her brother, she finds new friends and magic that draws her into a terrifying, exhilarating new world. In this fact-based novel of fake news and terror plots, Nat must risk his new marriage, his friendships, and even his life, to reveal the truth.

Kindle Anna Ember by J. Hushour: A priest is sent to a remote village to interrogate a milkmaid accused of witchcraft. She thinks he is an idiot.

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Is she the powerful Lady of the Game who comes at the threshold of each season? Or is she just a milkmaid with a foul mouth and a bad attitude? Kindle Unclaimed by Madan Achar: If you happen to be an unclaimed dead body in Bangalore, then there is a Saint who shall take care of your last remains. An engaging short read. Feel Good X by Bhada Sinhaphalin: Feel Good X is a holistic approach to help you lead a more fulfilling life with just minutes a day of practice. Through age-old disciplines and innovative methods, Sinhaphalin gives your soul the tune-up it needs to attain your full potential and true inner peace.

Kindle Is this book no longer free? Truths about where her mother came from and the quiet boy next door will open a whole new world to her, including threats to her life and the security of the universe. By the Light of His Lantern by Abe Moss: Cursed in a land of eternal darkness, a young man must brave the horrors of his past deeds to save himself. No sun. No moon.

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No stars. Only monsters. Although she cannot understand the symbols and diagrams the book contains, Alais knows her destiny lies in protecting their secret, at all costs. A timeslip adventure novel — set in 19th century and contemporary France — it is about Tarot, about ghosts, about the power of music and place, about the relationship between the two great modern republics of the 20th century, France and America.

Led by Sandrine Vidal, they are fighting not only to liberate the Midi from Nazi Occupation — as their forefathers and mothers, the Cathars, had seven hundred years earlier fought to protect their land from the invaders from the North — but also to protect an ancient secret that, if it fell into the wrong hands, could change the course of history. A fast paced adventure story of love and war, courage and sacrifice, about a brave group of women and the loyal men who love them. This is a haunting story of loss and remembrance set in the aftermath of the First World War. The Great War took much more than lives.

It robbed a generation of friends, lovers and futures. In the winter of , still seeking resolution, Freddie is travelling through the French Pyrenees. During a snowstorm, his car spins off the mountain road. He stumbles through woods, emerging in a tiny village. There he meets Fabrissa, a beautiful woman also mourning a lost generation.

Over the course of one night, Fabrissa and Freddie share their stories. By the time dawn breaks, he will have stumbled across a tragic mystery that goes back through the centuries.